Real Estate Acquisition

At Skyway Communities, our resorts provide an affordable and unique experience for every customer. We actively invest back into our resorts to enhance the experience for each of our guests by offering deluxe RV sites, top-notch amenities, and genuinely helpful guest services. We strive to give back to the surrounding communities and listen to our guests’ needs to ensure they continue to visit us year after year.

Finder’s Fee

Skyway Communities, LLC is aggressively looking to expand across the United States and will pay fees at closing to individuals or companies who bring us opportunities.

Send us an RV resort that fits our criteria and we will pay you $50,000!


We are seeking properties that match these specifications…

  • Size: + 75 pads
  • Type: Both value added & stabilized opportunities
  • Market: High population markets with proven population growth throughout the United States
  • Makeup: Transient and Permanent Stay
  • Details: Full-service pads preferred (water, sewer and electric hookups)
  • Can’t be owned by a REIT
  • Off-market deal

Our acquisition services may be of particular interest to…

  • Operating partners looking for a partner with extensive capital connections and flexible structure
  • Companies undergoing restructuring
  • Companies in turnaround, in or out of bankruptcy
  • Healthy companies needing to improve cash flow (or looking to monetize non-core or core assets)

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Our acquisition service enables you to consolidate all your requirements to achieve a profitable outcome

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